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smarter eating handbook contents
smarter eating handbook contents
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The Smarter Eating Handbook

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Lose weight eating what you love.
  • Do you want to get rid of your body fat once and for?
  • Do you want to stop trying out endless ineffective weight loss solutions?
  • Did you know that a diet doesn’t have to be a combination of unbearable food?

I’m sure you already know that keeping excess fat is not a good idea. The sooner you lose weight the better because you risk your health by keeping it.  The problem is that you have to endure weird food that you can’t even eat.

That’s where The Smarter Eating Handbook comes in…
We created the best dieting playbook which allows you to eat what you want but still lose weight. You don't need to cut off the food you enjoy when you diet, you just need to change how you approach it.


How it works:

The books give you 35 high protein versions of some of your favorite recipes so you can keep eating what you want. 
You also get a look at the best options for when you are eating out.
This makes the plan relatively easy to follow. Each recipe and instruction is carefully detailed and aimed at giving you the most results in the least amount of time.
We paid a significant amount of attention to making the recipes taste delicious enough for you to use them after losing weight. 


Why Use The Smarter Eating Handbook?

The biggest problem I noticed is that the major shifts in lifestyle and eating habits are what make people hesitant to start their weight loss journey. 
After years of testing and continuous improvements, I drafted the A-Z playbook for losing weight effectively, the easiest way possible.
Eating structured meals, will lead to an automatic reduction in calorie intake. I intend this book to be the last solution you’ll ever look for in terms of losing weight fast. 
  • 60 pages of no-nonsense information.
  • What's best to order at many restaurants.
  • How to modify your cooking.
  • 36 high protein recipes so you can continue to eat what you enjoy.
  • PDF download that you can access on all devices.


  • Get that amazing form and shape everyone will notice
  • Don’t stop eating delicious food while you are dieting
  • Stop wasting money on testing every now solution
Order your Smarter Eating Handbook now and transform your form and figure smoothly and painlessly.