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Entering the world of non-natural bodybuilding can be dangerous. Anyone asking for an Enhancement Plan will be thoroughly interviewed and may be turned down at my discretion based on their goals or risk assessment. Not available for youths.

Plan includes planning of one cycle plus post cycle therapy; you will be introduced to proper procedures, safety measures, and monitoring of blood work. Does not include any physical supplements, I do not sell PEDs.

This is not a medical prescription. I do not promote the use of PEDs, This is advice on safely approaching PEDs should you make the decision to use them. This is personal and not medical advice.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. This plan is not medical advice. This service is provided as personal advice and information only to help people approach their decision to use enhanced supplements as safely as possible and to understand the dangers they may face during use. Does not take the place of professional medical advice.

  • Only available as an add-on with other plan. PEDs will not help you if your basic training plan sucks.

  • Includes advice to minimize hair-loss side effects.