About Me

Where I Started...

I was never a big kid. Tall and lanky, the type that could hide behind a tree. I tried to put on muscle once, but had no idea what I was doing let's be honest.


Growing up suffering from undiagnosed social anxiety disorder complicated things further. I became a shut-in and never really got much exercise for a long time.

The journey...

The benefit of all that time alone was learning to learn. I was able to intake a lot of information and knew where to go to find resources.


Eventually I got diagnosed and got help, leading to me getting back out into the world. As part of the process I wanted boost my self-esteem, especially in regards to my body. I started out using bad advice on the internet that got me nowhere fast, but I enjoyed being active so I started to research more into it.

The secret to fitness is you have to enjoy what you're doing.

- Rob Lapham

Where I Am Now...

In fact, I enjoyed fitness enough that I got certified with the American College of Sports Medicine. I continued to research fitness after that, to the point where I've read most university level information - if it wasn't for the social anxiety disorder making it hard to attend university I'd be willing to be I'd have a degree (and while it's not necessary, I haven't written it off as a future endeavors).


Getting big on Tiktok was entirely by accident, I just made some posts to experiment with stepping outside my comfort zone and suddenly blew up. But it's been making a reality of being able to provide fitness to people who want it.